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  • What to Expect from my Association's Managing Agent

    This short video will give you an idea of what you should expect from your Condominium or Homeowner's Association Managing Agent.

  • Welcome to the Board – Now What?

    Are you a new board member of a condo or homeowner's association? This video will help you understand your responsibilities, and make you a productive member of the board from your first meeting!

  • Where do my Maintenance Fees Go?

    This informative video takes a serious look (in a not-so-serious way!) at where your monthly maintenance fees go.

  • How to Read your Association's Financial Statement

    Want to better understand of your association's finances? This simple video will help you read your Association's financial statement from Hawaiiana.

  • Chairing your Annual Meeting: What to Expect, and How to Succeed

    This video provides helpful information for association board presidents on chairing their association's annual meeting.

  • How to Complete an Annual Meeting Proxy You would be surprised how many annual meetings are postponed or even cancelled because not enough owners attend the meeting. Filling out a proxy will allow someone to vote in your place if you cannot attend. Completing a proxy form is easy if you know your options.

  • Creating Association Meeting Minutes

    Creating board meeting minutes for your association need not be difficult. This video covers what should and should not be included, and will help you make your minutes both accurate and concise.

  • How Covenant Enforcement Helps Property Values Living in a planned community has its benefits! Did you know that owning in a master-planned community can increase the value of your home by 12% percent over other homeowners? Enforcement of your association's CC&R's protects curb appeal and property values for you and those in your neighborhood.

  • Steps to a Home Upgrade in a Community Association

    Live in a planned community? Planning improvements to your home? Every community has guidelines which assure that the curb appeal and property value of the community is maintained. Here are a few tips to avoid pitfalls, and help make the approval process for your home improvements easier!